For centuries visitors of Amsterdam are intrigued by its canals. The Italian novelist Edmondo de Amicis described Amsterdam in the late nineteenth century as the place where “the life of land and sea brush past each other, meet each other, pass each other and mix to form an indescribably new and lively spectacle”. In fact, since then, not much has changed. Although the canals have become less vibrant with sea life they still spread around the old city like a spiders web leaving a unique system of waterways, seen nowhere else in the world. It’s our personal view that the city is most beautiful when viewed from the water.

The captain is passionate about showing you the most precious places of Amsterdam. Sail trough the historic city centre, the notorious red light district, view the architecture on the western Islands or make a relaxing boat trip to Oudekerk a/d Amstel: relax and enjoy in comfort!  We can pick you up anywhere in city centre free of charge. If you want to make a trip outside the city centre this is also possible of course.


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